After my family’s health crisis in 2003, I knew it was time to work towards truly experiencing Financial Freedom.

I worked really hard to earn the money and I did make money, but I wasn’t really experiencing overall Financial Freedom and success. I never seemed to have enough money to do the things I really wanted to!

When I applied The Smart Money Formula to my life, it accelerated my financial success. Here’s how:

The Smart Money Formula consists of the following 4 steps or layers. As you can see, the formula is structured with a broad base and a pointed tip. Each lower layer is a foundation that must be laid correctly in order to reach the next level.

    Lastly, when you reach the top step, this step shows you how to grow your money towards your dream lifestyle.
    Next, this step strengthens your mindset and helps you stay focused towards your Financial Freedom.
    It protects you from unnecessary loss of money.
    The broad base is your foundation that allows you to have control over your money.


Why is having this foundation important to your financial success?

Let’s use an example:

  • Person-A makes $10,000 per month
  • Person-B makes $4,000 per month

Who do you want to be like, Person A or Person B?

If I could hear you now, I suspect I’d hear you tell me you want to be like to be Person A since he makes more money.

But there’s more to the picture than what you see here.

  • Person-A makes $10,000 per month but spends $12,000 each month
  • Person-B makes $4,000 per month and spends only $3,000 each month

Who do you want to be now? Obviously Person-B, since there are savings left while Person-A is moving farther down the road of deep trouble each and every month.

Are you more like Person A or Person B?

There are many money programs (e.g. stock trading, property buying) in the market talking about how to make more money (i.e. MONEY GROWTH). However, without the foundation steps (i.e. MONEY BASICS, MONEY GUARD, MONEY MIND), most people just have challenges in retaining the money that they make.

Let’s look at the four steps in a little more detail.

What Would You Like to Know Next? I would recommend “STEP 1: Money Basics”

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