There are 4 Types of people in this world.

The 1st type of people are people who are characterised by NO TIME and NO MONEY. Typically, they are people like executives, managers and engineers. They need to go to work early, work one whole day, when they return home, they hardly have much time left to spend with their family. They can only have 20 days or so of leave a year. They earn about USD $25,000 a year.

How many of you know of someone from Quadrant 1? Someone who has NO TIME and NO MONEY?

The 2nd type of people are people who HAVE THE MONEY but has NO TIME to spend the money. These are people who make big money, people like investors, bankers, doctors and lawyers or self-employed businessman. They make really good money but they also work very long hours. You can find them working even on weekends. It will be very challenging when you ask them to take a one-month vacation break as everything will come to a standstill and there will not be any more money coming in.

Anyone know of someone from Quadrant 2? Someone who HAS THE MONEY but NO TIME?

The 3rd type of people who HAS THE TIME but DO NOT HAVE THE MONEY. Some people from this group could be some students or some housewives or some retirees.

Do you know of someone from Quadrant 3? Someone who HAS THE TIME but NO MONEY?

Lastly, the 4th type of people are those that all of us desire to be. People who HAS THE MONEY and HAS THE TIME. I believe the reason why you are looking at this post is also because you want to learn how to be the 4th type of people. To have the money when you spend your time; to have the time to allow you to spend your money. And of course, to have good HEALTH as well.

If you want to have money, time and health, you have to learn how 2 important and fundamental skills.

  1. How to Manage Your Money
  2. How to Grow Your Money



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