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The 3rd layer of The Smart Money Formula is perhaps the most important. Most people skip the MONEY MIND layer and jump straight to MONEY GROWTH. This is a BIG MISTAKE!

Time and again, I see people who have an inner belief that “investing is risky”. Yet, they still get into a stock investing/trading course and get burned. And I know many people who think “my friends are negative about MLM,” then they get into a MLM business and can’t seem to move an inch!

So, if you feel that you are fat, you can never be slim. If you keep saying that you are poor, you can never be rich. If you think you can’t, you can never do it.

While we know that we are supposed to think positively all the time, the mind keeps sabotaging us with all the negatives!

If you want to achieve Financial Freedom (or to create Wealth), it is of utmost importance that you train your mind to think in a positive way. After all, given 2 people, one who is positive and the other who is negative most of the time, who has the higher chance of achieving success? If your answer is “the positive guy,” shouldn’t you start to be a positive person now?

Over many years, one resource that I highly recommend to people to stay positive is The Optimist Creed. Read this aloud and with passion daily!



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