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QUEK Kai Hock
Founder and Master Money Coach for “Smart About My Money”
Lead Coach (Asia) for T Harv Eker’s “Life Makeover Coaching

About Quek Kai Hock

Good Day! My name is QUEK Kai Hock, founder of the personal development blog Smart About My Money and author of The Smart Money Formula eBook. I am also T Harv Eker’s Lead Coach (Asia) for his worldwide coaching programs.

First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for finding this website! You now have before you an amazing, powerful resource for your financial transformation.

Now, you may be wondering to yourself, How can a couple of pages help me, let alone change my life?

In order to answer that question and show you what is possible when you apply the information found here, I’d like to share my own personal story with you.


BTW, to help you remember my name, think of a “Sky Hawk” and drop the “S” sound… That is, “Kai Hock.”

I live in Singapore with my wife and two children


Currently, I have 6 streams of income:

  1. I have been a successful home-based business owner for over 10 years with multiple awards as a top income earner in my category.
  2. I am a Speaker and Master Money Coach for the Smart About My Money Coaching program.
  3. I’m the Lead Coach (Asia) for T Harv Eker’s Life Makeover Coaching program.
  4. I’m an Internet Marketer
  5. I’m an End-of-Day Technical Analysis Stock Trader.
  6. I’m a Property Investor.

And the best part is this – in my personal life, I am living a dream lifestyle that many people would love to have.

I get to do my morning exercises. I enjoy bringing my kids to school. I’m able to personally attend to my parents’ medical needs. I get to do what I love (which is coaching), and I can take care of myself – and go to sleep early – while still earning a substantial income!

I am telling you these not to impress you. BUT – I want to impress upon you that having multiple streams of income and achieving Financial Freedom is possible.

My journey to achieve Financial Freedom began in 2003

Prior to that, my only thought about earning a living was what my parents had instilled in me. “Study hard, get good grades, go to university, get a good job, work till 65 and retire happily ever after.” Sounds familiar?

So, being a good son, I did exactly what my parents told me.

  • I received my First Class Honors in Computer Engineering (under the accelerated Honors program) in 1998.
  • I was on the Dean’s list for all my years as an undergraduate.
  • I received my Masters in Computer Engineering in 2000.
  • After graduation, my first job was to work as a Research Associate in the Center for High Performance Embedded Systems.
  • During my 7 years as a Research Associate, I published more than 10 engineering journal and conference papers.


Back then, I thought life was good!

I woke up in the morning to go to a job that I was very interested in. My professor gave me lots of freedom to conduct research in my work. And after coming home from work, I would enjoy dinner with my wife and watch TV programs with her. I enjoyed my life and believed I could continue to have this kind of lifestyle until retirement.

However, in March 2003 (2 years into my job), I had a turning point in my life.

I had a family challenge

My father had his first major operation to cut away half of his stomach due to a ruptured stomach ulcer that resulted from long-term smoking and poor dietary habits.

While visiting my father in the hospital, my mother contracted Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS, now known as H1N1) which spread like wildfire in Singapore. As if these events were not enough for me to deal with, my first son was born at the same time. I had always wanted to witness the birth of my son and cut the umbilical cord to “welcome” him to this world. But because of my exposure to SARS, I was self-quarantined and the doctor refused to let me go near him.

I was devastated!

My father, mother, and son were all in the hospital at the same time, but I still had to report to my job instead of spending time with them.

After those events were over, I kept asking myself why I was so unlucky to have gone through all of these ordeals.

Everything happens for a reason

Have you ever had an event or a series of events that left you feeling devastated?

Looking back, I know now that I was very “lucky” that I had been challenged to move out of my comfort zone. It made me realize that a job is not what I want for the rest of my life!

What I really wanted was Financial Freedom!

Note: It’s critical to understand something that I have learned since that time. “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it,” said master motivator Tony Robbins. To get the most out of your life – even beyond anything to do with your finances – mind training (or Money Mind) is essential to help you learn to view events positively and benefit from all of the lessons they have to offer you.

So – getting back to my story. Just because I wanted Financial Freedom doesn’t mean my journey to Financial Freedom was smooth and swift. Far from it! My journey definitely wasn’t one of these scenarios…


  • I make money online – $200 to $6000 in 1 Week
  • Below is my screenshot of my Paypal Account Summary. $18,898 USD in 3 Months only!
  • I trade stocks with XYZ system from home and make $5,000 a month from the beach
  • How I bought 20 properties with no money down!

I am not suggesting that these are SCAMS. In fact, I believe they might probably work for some people. However, it just didn’t happen to me.

Because my parents were really poor when I was growing up, I had a really “broke” mindset most of my life.

Also, the only way that they know of generating income was to be in a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). Earning bank interest from their savings was the only way they knew to invest their money. Sound familiar?

I had to un-learn and re-learn

This was huge for me. I had to un-learn all the things that my parents taught me about money and I had to re-learn the right way to move towards Financial Freedom.

Isn’t it funny how 12 years of school life, 4 years of university life and 2 years of graduate school taught me nothing about money? But it’s true! So much education didn’t give me the knowledge and wisdom I needed to experience Financial Freedom.

It took rewiring my thinking to begin experiencing the Financial Freedom I enjoy today.

But I wasn’t able to accomplish that by myself – I couldn’t even see the thought patterns that were trapping me in a life of poverty!

Finding Financial Freedom took working with a coach who showed me how to identify my “poor” thoughts and replace them with thinking like a wealthy person.

My coach is a millionaire but he doesn’t dress like one or act like one. And he is very generous in sharing his knowledge.

To this day, I still recall an incident that was a major breakthrough in my personal growth.

We were working together in our home business. Each time, when he suggested to me that I should invest money to grow my business or attend a workshop, I would reply to him, “I’m poor and I don’t have the money.”

I guess I repeated this phrase enough times that one day he pulled me to the side and said,

That night, I stayed wide awake.

His comments kept ringing in my ear!

I knew deep within me that he was VERY RIGHT!

I started to shift my “broke” mindset to an abundance one.

I started to dream bigger and then bigger and then BIGGER and I started to sign up for courses, read books, listen to audios and do whatever it took to learn how to make SUCCESS work for me.

I learned how to set a vision. Here are two snapshots of my current vision board.


It’s been quite a journey since that tipping point moment.

And you know what?

For the past 10 years, I have easily invested more than $50,000 into my personal development. This has included 100+ books and audios and also workshops such as …


  • T Harv Eker
    • Millionaire Mind Intensive (3 Days)
    • Mission To Millions (3 Days)
    • Guerrilla Business Intensive (5 Days)
    • Train The Trainer (5 Days)
    • Enlightened Warrior Camp (5 Days)
    • Master Your Mind (4 Days)
    • Never Work Again (4 Days)
    • Freedom Trader Intensive (2 Days)
  • Alex Mandossian & T Harv Eker (As a Coach)
    • Ultimate Internet Boot Camp 1.0 (5 Days)
    • Ultimate Internet Boot Camp 2.0 (5 Days, Las Vegas – USA)
  • Blair Singer
    • Authentic Sales & Leadership Seminar (2 Days)
  • Dr. Sundardas D Annamalay (Singapore)
    • Success Permission (1 Day – 6 Times!)
    • Success Mastery (4 Days – 2 Times!)
    • Science Behind The Secret (1 Day)
    • Your Millionaire Blueprint (1 Day)
  • Paul R. Scheele (via Jean Giam as Trainer)
    • PhotoReading (2 Days)
  • Jerome Tan (Singapore)
    • Property Investment Program (3 Days)
  • Dame DC Cordova
    • Money And You (4 Days)

In fact, it is through attending T Harv Eker’s workshops and my willingness to step out of my comfort zone that has enabled me to become a Life Coach in his signature coaching program – Life Makeover Coaching


That was also my bridge for starting my own coaching program specifically related to money, Smart About My Money.


I’ve been coaching others since 2006 and have helped hundreds of clients to improve their life and to reach financial freedom.

In this website, I will use The Smart Money Formula to show you a plan you can use to achieve Financial Freedom when you follow it whole-heartedly.

What will you gain from exploring this site?

  • GET MOTIVATED to pursue Financial Freedom
  • Learn EXACTLY what steps to take to GAIN Financial Freedom
  • ACCELERATE your ability to ACHIEVE Financial Freedom
  • Learn how to tame your money by managing it
  • Know how to PROTECT your money
  • DISCOVER why focusing on MONEY GROWTH (or Income Generation) is the WRONG THING to do if you are serious about your Financial Freedom!
  • And so much MORE WISDOM that can’t be listed here

Why Learn MONEY?

I was lying on my bed next to my wife and about to go to sleep. Then, a thought popped into my head. “Everyone needs to learn about money!”

Here’s the thing. The problem with money is that we never learn how to manage it, how to reach financial freedom or how to invest it during our school days. We never attended “Money 101” and then we’re thrown into the working society to learn for ourselves.
So, most people don’t even know the first thing about money, so they struggle with the trial-and-error approach which can be very frustrating (and VERY costly)!

What would happen in our world if people were educated about money?

I began to develop a vision where each family has at least one member who is educated and trained about money.

This person knows exactly how to move his family into a better financial future to enjoy more of life.

I call these people Money Champions.

I started to see how the world will change when each family is financially secure and is able to truly take charge of their money.

I started to see a vision of the world with more truly happy people, people who are confident, people who grow a healthy world economy.

I saw the world making a big leap into greater heights when people take charge of their money.

The very next day, I began to write down this vision, and the rest is history!

Are you ready to become a Money Champion and change your family’s story?

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