Sounds familiar? Have you heard your parents say something similar during your childhood days?

If you did, that was when a possible money negative was programmed into your subconscious mind. We often hear how powerful our conscious mind is. In reality, our subconscious mind holds much power, perhaps even more than the conscious mind. Majority of our mental activities in fact take place subconsciously.

A Money Negative is like installing a hidden program in your head that gives off small voices to sabotage your best intents. On a conscious level, you wanted to achieve financial success. Yet on the subconscious level, you are constantly pushing away the good opportunities to succeed. In the end, you never manage to harness any good opportunities. Why is this happening? … the reason… since your childhood, you repeatedly hear your parents say,”Good opportunities are hard to come by,”

Now, that you understand more about Money Negatives, look through the negatives below and see if it resonates with your own beliefs.

Based on Klontz Money Script Inventory, there are 4 types of money scripts:

  • Money Avoidance: Money is bad. I don’t deserve money.
  • Money Worship: Money can buy happiness. Money will solve all my problems.
  • Money Status: My self-worth equals my net worth.
  • Money Vigilance: Money can be taken away.

Here is the detail list:

Money Avoidance

  • I do not deserve a lot of money when others have less than me.
  • Rich people are greedy.
  • It is not okay to have more than you need.
  • People get rich by taking advantage of others.
  • I do not deserve money.
  • Good people should not care about money.
  • It is hard to be rich and be a good person.
  • Most rich people do not deserve their money.
  • There is virtue in living with less money.
  • The less money you have, the better life is.
  • Money corrupts people.
  • Being rich means you no longer fit in with old friends and family.
  • The rich take their money for granted.
  • You cannot be rich and trust what people want from you.
  • It is hard to accept financial gifts from others

Money Worship

  • Things would get better if I had more money.
  • More money will make you happier.
  • There will never be enough money.
  • It is hard to be poor and happy.
  • You can never have enough money.
  • Money is power.
  • I will never be able to afford the things I really want in life.
  • Money would solve all my problems.
  • Money buys freedom.
  • If you have money, someone will try to take it away from you.

Money Status

  • Most poor people do not deserve to have money.
  • You can have love or money, but not both.
  • I will not buy something unless it is new (e.g., car, house).
  • Poor people are lazy.
  • Money is what gives life meaning.
  • Your self-worth equals your net worth.
  • If something is not considered the “best,” it is not worth buying.
  • People are only as successful as the amount of money they earn.
  • It is okay to keep secrets from your partner around money.
  • As long as you live a good life you will always have enough money.
  • Rich people have no reason to be unhappy.
  • If you are good, your financial needs will be taken care of.
  • If someone asked me how much I earned, I would probably tell them I earn more than I actually do.

Money Vigilance

  • You should not tell others how much money you have or make.
  • It is wrong to ask others how much money they have or make.
  • Money should be saved not spent.
  • It is important to save for a rainy day.
  • People should work for their money and not be given financial handouts.
  • If someone asked me how much I earned, I would probably tell them I earn less than I actually do.
  • You should always look for the best deal before buying something, even if it takes more time.
  • If you cannot pay cash for something, you should not buy it.
  • It is not polite to talk about money.
  • I would be a nervous wreck if I did not have money saved for an emergency.
  • It is extravagant to spend money on oneself.
  • I would be embarrassed to tell someone how much money I make.

Here is T Harv Eker’s 72 Money Belief Questionnaire:

  1. Money is the root of all evil.
  2. It’s more enlightened to be poor than rich.
  3. Most rich people probably did something bad or dishonest to get their money.
  4. Having a lot of money will make me less spiritual or pure.
  5. Getting rich takes too much work and struggle.
  6. Having a lot of money is a big responsibility.
  7. I don’t feel “good enough” to be rich.
  8. Realistically, chances are I’ll never be rich.
  9. Achieving financial freedom is a matter of luck or fate.
  10. Getting rich isn’t for people like me.
  11. Striving for wealth won’t allow much time for anything else in life.
  12. To be rich, you have to use people and take advantage of them.
  13. If I get rich, everyone will want something from me.
  14. If I get rich there are certain people in my life who won’t like it, or me.
  15. If I have a lot of money, it means someone else is going to have less.
  16. Having excess money means you’re greedy.
  17. I’m not very good in the area of money and finances.
  18. If I get a lot of money, I might lose it.
  19. If I really strive for wealth and don’t succeed, I’ll feel like a failure.
  20. I have the potential for wealth; all I need is a break.
  21. This just isn’t the right time for me to start “going for it” financially.
  22. I don’t really want to be wealthy.
  23. Money isn’t really that important.
  24. You can’t strive for wealth and be happy and fulfilled at the same time.
  25. Money can cause a lot of problems.
  26. It’s not right to make a lot more money than my parents.
  27. You can’t get rich doing exactly what you love.
  28. Trying to earn money is a hassle and a struggle.
  29. It takes money to make money.
  30. People should only have as much money as they need to live comfortably.
  31. Striving for wealth can cause stress and health problems.
  32. It’s difficult to get rich these days.
  33. Most of the good opportunities are gone.
  34. Given my past, it would be difficult for me to get rich.
  35. I’m not smart or intelligent enough to get rich.
  36. I’m not educated enough to get rich.
  37. I’m too young to get rich.
  38. I’m too old to get rich.
  39. As a man, it’s much more difficult to get rich.
  40. I don’t like selling or promoting.
  41. I wish I didn’t have to deal with money.
  42. I don’t enjoy managing money.
  43. I don’t have time to manage money.
  44. I don’t need to manage my money because I hardly have any.
  45. Money corrupts artistic and creative endeavors.
  46. It’s not right for me to be rich while others have nothing.
  47. Financial security comes from having a good job and a steady paycheck.
  48. If you are not born rich, chances are you will never be rich.
  49. Rich people aren’t happy.
  50. If success comes easy, it’s not as worthwhile.
  51. I’m too busy to put a lot of time and energy into learning.
  52. If I become rich, that’s great, if not, that’s fine too.
  53. I don’t enjoy taking on responsibility.
  54. I’m not a strong leader.
  55. I have some resentment towards extremely wealthy people.
  56. I’m a good giver, but not a good receiver.
  57. Other people’s opinions of me are important.
  58. It’s better to get paid for my “time” than strictly for my performance.
  59. I’m already quite comfortable. I don’t need to push myself.
  60. If you’re rich in love, health, and happiness, you don’t need money.
  61. I can make it on my own. I don’t need help from others.
  62. If I ask for help, people will think I’m weak.
  63. The only reason to work is to make money,
  64. There’s no use earning a lot more money because I’ll just have to pay more taxes.
  65. Once I have a lot of money, I’ll finally feel secure.
  66. By being rich, I’ll prove myself.
  67. Getting rich is not really a skill you can learn.
  68. I’m just not “meant” to be rich.
  69. God will make me rich, poor, or middle-class.
  70. The investment world is complicated and hard to understand.
  71. Investments are for people who have a lot of money.
  72. Most investments, other than with the bank, are too risky.

We need to keep our Money Negatives in check. Just like we need to clean our homes from time to time. We need to clean out the negative beliefs so that positive ones can go in.

Do you have Money Negatives?

If you do and have clean it up, write down your experience in the comment below

If you do but does not know how to clean it up, write it down in the comment below and I will help you



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